Home B.A.S.E.

Home B.A.S.E. is a "Before-After-School-Enrichment" Program for kids in grades K-5. Staff members are qualified under the guidance of the MSDE Office of Child Care with many years of experience. All staff members are CPR and First Aid certified and must complete background checks and fingerprinting at the time of hire. We operate from the BCRP Office located inside Prettyboy Elementary. We operate before school (6:30am-8:30am) and after school (3:15pm-6:00pm). We offer various attendance/rate options. For additional information, please contact Program Director Shelly Regars (shellyregars@gmail.com). 



To enroll, please contact us. A Registration Fee of $20 per enrolled child will be collected at a later date. Please do not send registration payment at this time. All forms below must be completed and returned by Friday, September 4, 2020All forms are mandatory unless otherwise noted and we must have ALL required forms before your child can attend. The State of Maryland (MSDE-OCC) and Baltimore County (BCRP) requires us to keep these updated forms on file at all times. No exceptions can be made. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

CLICK HERE to print/download ALL required forms for HOME B.A.S.E. 



  1. Home B.A.S.E. Parent Handbook Acceptance (in progress)
  2. Home B.A.S.E. - Rates/Attendance Options
  3. BCRP Registration Form
  4. MSDE-OCC: All About Me Form
  5. MSDE-OCC: Emergency Form
  6. MSDE-OCC: Health Inventory Part I and II
    • Health Inventory Part I (signed by parent/guardian)
    • Health Inventory Part II (signed by child’s physician, dated no earlier than 9/1/2019)
  7. MSDE-OCC: Blood Lead Testing Certificate (Children ages 6 or younger)
  8. MSDE-OCC: Immunization Certificate (signed by child’s physician, dated no earlier than 9/1/2019.  
  9. MSDE-OCC: Parent Guide to Regulated Child Care 


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