Prettyboy HomeBASE/Tiny Tots

19810 Middletown Road

 Freeland, MD  21053


Hours of operation:  6:30 AM – 6 PM daily


Please provide (and label!) sunscreen, extra clothes and lunch for your child. Lunches should be packed in a gallon size zip lock bag and labeled with your child's name. NO heat-able lunches! Sorry! 

 Pool Days at Wisehaven Swim Club!

Monday, August 6th

Monday, August 20th

Please provide lunch as usual. Snack bar money can be provided.

Please send no more than $5 in an envelope labeled with your child's name. 




2019 Home B.A.S.E. program.

The Home B.A.S.E. program was developed for children in grades K-5 as a safe and fun place to come before and after school! We are located in the recreation room of Prettyboy Elementary School. Staff members are all qualified under the guidance of MD State Department of Education with many years of experience. All staff members are CPR and First Aid certified as well! 


2019 Tiny Tots Program.

The Tiny Tots program was developed for children ages 2-5. Children can explore, socialize, grow and learn all while getting acquainted with the classroom setting. Children are introduced to number and letter recognition, shapes, colors, music, stories, themed units are more. Staff members are ECE qualified with many years of experience. All staff members are CPR and First Aid certified. 


We have various times and days available to suit your needs!   

For more information on availability, rates, sessions, etc. contact

 Judy Ober at 410-357-9509  or email:


Attendance Fees for Prettyboy HomeBASE

  $40 reg. fee for new attendees

$60 reg. fee for families

       $10 Multi Child Discount Per Month


AM & PM Full time 5 days/wk




AM & PM 4 days/wk




AM & PM 3 days/wk




AM & PM 2 days/wk




AM & PM 1 day/wk





AM Only 5 days/wk




AM Only 4 days/wk




AM Only 3 days/wk




AM Only 2 days/wk




AM Only 1 day/wk





PM Only 5 days/wk




PM Only 4 days/wk




PM Only 3 days/wk




PM Only 2 days/wk




PM Only 1 day/wk




Attendance Fees for Prettyboy Tiny Tots

2 day program

9-12      $130.00

9-1:30         $150.00

3 day program

9-12      $200.00

9-1:30         $250.00

4 day program


9-1:30         $270.00

5 day program


9-1:30         $290.00

Full Time M-F


6:30-6         $710.00


Full Day rate for drop in care (school holidays, etc.)    $36.75/day                       Summer Rate    $184.00/wk

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