Indoor Soccer Season: Feburary - March 2024

Program Information

Open to players in Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd Grade. (Ages 5-8)

Proof of age may be required. Children must play within their own age bracket as deteremined by their grade level. All 3 age groups are co-ed.

Our goal is to offer basic skills, teach fundamentals, and encourage the enjoyment of the game of indoor soccer. Placement on a specific team is not guaranteed and there are no pre-evaluations in this program. Participation awards are presented to the children at the end of the season.

Registration Information

Registration is CLOSED via Stone Alley website. Please look for registration detals in November 2023.


Please consider volunteering in our program.

We will need coaches & team parents for our Kindergarten, 1st , and 2nd Grade. 

All are welcome. Especially those parents interested in coaching or finding out how they can support their child's team for 2024.

For additional information contact: Mary LaPorta, Indoor Soccer Chairperson at

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